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Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Plans & Nutrition Guides

Improve your diet with whole food plant-based meal plans, nutrition guides and resources to help you get more plants on plates and eat in ways that benefit your gut microbiome.

Plant-Powered Membership

You will get exclusive access to everything from recipes and articles to paid meal plans and nutrition guides. You'll also get your burning questions answered with the members-only Q&A. Join a growing community, become a member.

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Guide to Balanced, Healthy Eating

Let's delve into the mindset you need to set your nutrition-related goals and achieve them at your pace with a balanced, diverse whole food plant-based diet that meets all your requirements and sees you thrive, not just survive. Get the guide at whichever price suits you, you can pay whatever you like 😊

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Guide to Whole Food Plant-Based

The Ultimate Guide to Whole Food Plant-Based takes you from nutrition newbie to confident whole foods master. Understand what and why, as well as the simple way you can transform your nutrition gradually and without restricting yourself of energy and nutrients. Learn the diet that saw me lose 5 stone and reclaim my health and energy.

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