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Go Plant-Based exists to raise awareness of the benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet for those who need it the most. By supporting Go Plant-Based you will help more people discover the power of nutrition and movement for their wellbeing.

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Say hello to the Two Vegan Scientists podcast.

Dr. Sam Moxton and nutritionist Samuel Anthony discuss all things veganism, nutrition, biology and scientific advancements in reducing animal testing.

Listen today and learn more about the science behind the vegan diet and great ways to improve your nutrition.

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Freebies & Meal Plans

Featuring healthy and delicious vegan recipes, these meal plans are designed to keep you on track - with shopping lists, weekly meal plans and guidance.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Microbiome

Unlock the power of your microbiome with our free Ultimate Guide to the Microbiome. Enhance digestion, boost immunity, and promote mental well-being. Download now and embark on a journey to better health.

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How to Go Vegan

How to Go Vegan is the free guide from Go Plant-Based to make transitioning to your new vegan diet easy. In just 7 easy steps you'll learn about nutrition, supplementation and what foods to avoid.

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Vegan Shopping List Essentials

Download your free vegan shopping list essentials guide, perfect for vegan beginners. Your guide includes a checklist of essential pantry staples and fresh and frozen foods to help you start your plant-based journey.

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I'm Sam, a CMA certified vegan nutritionist and full-time foodie writing about the nutritional benefits of a broad, whole food plant-based diet and posting balanced, delicious recipes.

After several bouts of inflammation saw me in and out of hospital, I began to take my diet and lifestyle seriously. I am now in full remission, healthier and more energetic than I have ever been.

As such, I qualified as a nutritionist and became fascinated with nutritional science. If you want to know simple, science-backed ways to make a big difference to how you feel, sign up to Go Plant-Based.

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