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Go Plant-Based eBook How to Go Vegan front cover
Cholesterol in arteries diagram

Alcohol's Effects on the Body and Brain

We all know alcohol's effects on the brain, but what about the body? Alcohol and binge drinking affects the heart, lungs, and immunity. Should we be drinking?

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Cholesterol in arteries diagram

BBC Panorama: A Cow's Life and the Cost of Dairy

BBC Panorama documentary A Cow's Life: the True Cost of Milk exposes animal abuse in dairy farms.

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Cholesterol in arteries diagram

Is Salt Bad for You?

Are salt, Himalayan pink salt or iodized salt good for you? Let's explore how much sodium we need and why.

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Dusted with coconut, a slice of carrot cake with cinnamon


Fiery vegan chilli - perfect for the slow cooker or ready in just 25 minutes! Plant-based bean and veggie chilli made easy.

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Dusted with coconut, a slice of carrot cake with cinnamon

Chickpea Tuna (Vegan)

Chickpea-based tuna alternative - fish and mercury-free, loaded with iron and tastes amazing in a vegan tuna salad!

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Dusted with coconut, a slice of carrot cake with cinnamon

Tofu 'Egg' Mayonnaise

This vegan, oil-free tofu egg mayo alternative provides more protein per serving than traditional eggs with 33% of your daily calcium and 21% of your iron.

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Whole Food Plant Based and Vegan PT Nutritionist Samuel Anthony

I'm Sam, a qualified whole food plant-based nutritionist (WFPB) and fitness instructor exploring the power of a natural lifestyle.

5 stones lighter, and my inflammation significantly reduced, I truly believe control over our wellbeing is largely down to our lifestyle decisions, including nutrition.

I believe whole food plant-based diets are the way forward for our physical wellbeing, for the protection of animals and the reduction of harm to our environment.

I can help you achieve your goals, whatever your starting point! I want to help you to live a more sustainable, active, balanced lifestyle and ultimately teach you how to go plant-based with my successful approach.

I decided to bring my experience to as many people as I can and hope this space becomes a valued source of knowledge for anyone interested in the WFPB (whole food plant based) lifestyle.

If only one more person finds success on this diet, then I did my job right. This has become the Go Plant-Based mission.

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"Sam has taken me from unfit and unhealthy and transformed me. I love being fit and healthy and that is thanks to Sam's confidence in me."

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What is whole food plant based

What is Whole Food Plant-Based?

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Whole food plant-based diets exclude animal products, similarly to the vegan diet, but extend on this by further removing refined and processed foods.

Yes, that means junk food is out!

Processed foods are not naturally occurring and have become associated with inflammation and poorer nutritional quality.

The whole food plant-based WFPB diet is fibre-rich, which can nourish your gut microbiome and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

In addition, it is 100% cholesterol-free, boasts high antioxidant content and is one of the only diets shown to reverse most of the leading causes of death worldwide.

While veganism is primarily an ethical cause, the WFPB approach is excellent for anyone who wants to improve their nutrition while sparing animal lives and protecting the environment in the meantime.

Natural nutrition is always the best solution. At least, that is my opinion!

Go Plant-Based is my way of bringing the power of whole food plant-based diet to as many people as possible with recipes that taste great!

I make courses, meal plans, recipes, and articles all day, every day, in addition to my free newsletter to make going plant-based as easy as possible.

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