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Making any form of change to your lifestyle can be time consuming and challenging. Whether you're reading as a vegan or a total newbie, you strive to make a positive change, and that's great. Your free guide to transitioning with success is designed to leave you feeling comfortable in managing your goals and nutrition with a greater understanding of how and why. The tallest hurdle is taking your very first step, and this guide is a great first step to take. Whether the animals, your health or the environment is your drive: here's how to go vegan!

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Delicious Vegan Recipes and Helpful Guidance

You'll get easy to follow guidance alongside delicious plant-based recipes to make your transition to a balanced, healthy vegan lifestyle easy.

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Nutrition and Supplementation Advice for Vegans

One of the biggest challenges is navigating the world of nutrition and supplementation without any prior knowledge. This guide has you covered.

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Easy to Follow Guide Written for You, Not Scientists

In other words, the style is conversational and easy for you to read whatever your level of understanding of nutritional science.

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"You won't regret it! Go Plant-Based has been so useful in helping me transition to my new diet, and stick to it. I now love my lifestyle and feel so much better for doing it. Highly recommend signing up for one of the free guides or the newsletter too!!"

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