Guide to Whole Food Plant-Based

The Ultimate Guide to Whole Food Plant-Based takes you from nutrition newbie to confident whole foods master. Understand what and why, as well as the simple way you can transform your nutrition gradually and without restricting yourself of energy and nutrients. Learn the diet that saw me lose 5 stone and reclaim my health and energy.

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  • Understand what's involved with balanced whole food plant-based dieting
  • Learn the best approach for you in transitioning to your new diet
  • Discover the vast array of associated benefits for your gut, mind and body
  • Nurture a healthy attitude to nutrition that avoids excessive, restrictive dieting
"Sam helped me transform my attitude towards food for the better, I'm now fitter and healthier than ever thanks to his confidence in my abilities. I feel comfortable in selecting foods and feel my diet is so much broader than it used to be. Thoroughly recommend! 😍"
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