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Whole Plant Based
Healthy Vegan Recipes

Cacao and peanut butter oats in a bowl topped with flaxseeds and banana.

Peanut Butter Banana and Cocoa Overnight Oats

Indulgent cacao steel cut overnight oats oozing with peanut butter topped with banana and flaxseeds. Protein, fibre and iron-rich vegan breakfast.

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Saucepan with golden vegan baked beans.

Healthy Vegan Homemade Baked Beans Recipe

Vegan sugar free healthy baked beans recipe with chickpeas - here is how to prepare your own whole food homemade baked beans from scratch.

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Scrambled Tofu - Vegan Scrambled Egg Recipe

Tofu scramble recipe with turmeric, black pepper and kala namak (black salt). Whole food plant based tofu breakfast recipe.

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Pink beetroot hummus on with a side salad.

Beetroot Hummus: Low Fat Raw Vegan Hummus for the Heart

Beetroot hummus recipe with chickpeas, tahini and miso paste! Beetroot is a great ingredient for lowered blood pressure and makes wonderfully pink hummus with only whole foods.

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Rainbow salad recipe plated up with sweet potatoes, raw tofu and leafy greens.

Rainbow Salad: Whole Food Raw Vegan High Calorie Salad

WFPB Raw Salad with Sweet Potato, Tofu and Tahini! Mostly raw vegan calorie dense salad recipe for those wanting more whole foods in their diet. More than a salad!

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Vegetable rice mix with a golden tahini drizzle next to crispy bites of tofu.

Satay Mixed Vegetable Rice with Crispy Tofu Bites

A rich, creamy peanut butter and mixed vegetable rice with golden crispy spice tofu bites with an indulgent tahini drizzle.

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Macaroni pasta pieces.

Vegan Tuna Pasta Bake

Warming and creamy and all plant-based - a tuna-free pasta bake with a taste of the sea and classic flavours topped with crispy breadcrumbs.

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A saucepan filled with mushrooms garlic and herbs.

Oyster Mushroom Scallops Alternative

Golden, crispy battered scallops alternative - all plant-based! Cruelty free seafood recipe alternative for vegans.

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Golden battered king oyster mushroom rings.

Vegan Calamari Alternative

Golden, crispy battered calamari alternative - all plant-based! Cruelty free seafood recipe alternative for vegans.

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Golden battered tofu chunks with chips and minted mushy peas.

Vegan Tofu Battered Cod Alternative

Light crispy battered cod alternative made plant-based! Cruelty free seafood recipe alternative for vegans.

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Chickpeas on an orange backdrop.

Chickpea Tuna Sandwich

Seriously good vegan alternative to the tuna mayo sandwich made with chickpeas and sushi nori for the flavour of the sea.

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Traditional Indian Chickpea Curry with Brown Rice, Sweet Potato and Coconut

Creamy Peanut Butter Chickpea Curry

Delicious vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry recipe with peanut butter, coconut, tomato and spinach. Fresh and plant based.

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Delicious vegan jambalaya recipe to cook in one pot at home, or in the slow cooker! Try with okra...

Vegan Jambalaya Recipe

Easy, delicious vegan jambalaya recipe to try at home, cook in the slow cooker or makes a great vegan one pot! Try with okra...

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Delicious easy vegan curry recipe a classic lentil dhal.

Delicious Vegan Lentil Dhal Curry Recipe

Easy, quick vegan curry - my lentil dhal recipe. Packed with iron, protein and fibre! Hearty source of energy and nutrition!

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A creamy bowl of hummus with whole chickpeas and smoked paprika across the top.

How to make Hummus! Quick, high-protein vegan snack.

A popular, hearty, middle-Eastern dip, traditionally eaten as part of a Meze. Packed with protein, fibre, and anti-inflammatory fats.

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The Game Changers: Vegan Netflix Documentary

The Game Changers is a Vegan Netflix Documentary Focused on Nutrition and Diet for Wellbeing and Sports Performance.

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High fibre whole foods next to a graphic of the microbiome and healthy gut bacteria.


Microbiome: Whole Food Against Disease

Microbiome studies have shifted bacteria from disease-causing to vital for immune health when fed high insoluble fibre diets like whole food plant-based.

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