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How Maria Lost Over 6 Stone on a Plant-Based Diet

May 28, 2022 by Samuel Anthony

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In just two years, Maria made a change to her lifestyle that would in turn make her feel like a "totally different person".

Maria told me herself that she feared that she would die and leave her boys without a mother.

Now? She is sharing her incredible food and journey with the world to celebrate her new-found health.

Watch ListenA before and after shot of Maria's plant based weight loss

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if you've ever been interested in losing
weight then you will know how hard it
can be especially in those early days
when you're taking those very first
steps when your lifestyle is so far from
where you want it to be
it's a massive hurdle when we know that
the gut microbiome your mental health
when so many things can work against you
this can be one of the hardest pits to
climb out of today i'm going to bring
you a success story we are talking about
maria if you are on instagram go and
give her a follow it's at the scottish
happy vegan i recommend giving her a
follow she posts the most amazing food
almost every single day it just looks
flawless if you are trying to get more
plants into your diet and you're like
what where do i start with this go and
give her a follow because trust me she
just makes it completely effortless
today i just want to talk to you all and
you know tell you about her journey
because i think for anyone out there who
is struggling be it with their mental
health be it with their weight maria's
journey really shows everyone that it's
completely possible not only to survive
on a plant-based diet but to thrive to
be eating a really broad range of foods
every single day
and you know not to be
completely restricted not to be
malnourished and under-eating but to
instead be doing better so why don't we
get started at the beginning where she
first made that decision to switch to a
plant-based diet now i've spoken to
maria pretty much every single day since
i started go plant-based but even then i
had no idea of the starting point for
maria the very very early days in her
journey were quite hard she was very
concerned for her health she got to the
point where she felt so large that she
felt limited in her life her mental
health was affected and she just knew
she had to make a difference now the
reason i say the start of maria's
journey was quite hard is not just
because getting yourself into that new
lifestyle is difficult but because maria
at this point was seriously concerned
for her well-being in her words i was
scared i would die and leave my boys
motherless and that broke my heart this
is someone who genuinely wants to make a
difference to their health not just fit
into a new dress not just lose weight
and become skinny to actually be here
and be well i think this is something
that a lot of us don't necessarily make
the connection between the fact that the
food that we put in our body directly
affects our health different foods have
different effects and i think this is
one of the biggest connections that we
can make when we start to see progress
you know this idea that our goal and
what stands between us and our goal is
actually achievable when we make changes
to our lifestyle at the start maria was
very depressed fed up with life and
she'd gotten herself into quite a
vicious cycle again in maria's words i
had to go on my hands and knees to pull
myself out the bath i was mortified at
my size and i knew i was unhealthy maria
was definitely ready to see a change
around the same time maria's husband dez
was diagnosed with leukemia so both of
them were in a position where they knew
that they kind of needed to make a
change for the better what can we do how
can we change our lifestyle to see some
better results than this and to simplify
their journeys that's exactly what they
both did two years later maria describes
herself as a different person in her
words my mental health is so much better
my anxiety is nothing compared to what
it was i feel healthy happy strong fit
and really thankful that i did this it's
mind-blowing to think food can make you
feel this way and heal your body just
amazing now that last point again it's
almost what i was saying a second ago we
kind of forget the power that food has
over our well-being when we
see it as just another meal or just a
snack we can kind of forget that we
literally are made up of what we eat
every cell in our body comes from our
food our
mental health is affected by certain
compounds in our food our gut health
relies heavily on our food
the filter systems in our body you know
the liver the kidneys they are obviously
going to be affected by nutrition
the very things that we put into our
body are ultimately what passes through
so this can
definitely explain how maria managed to
change her health and how she was
just by altering her lifestyle two years
on and they are both ten stone lighter
uh six stone ten pounds of that is
maria's progress herself
and what i find really amazing is i
think now more than ever maria's finally
kind of moving away from calorie
counting you know that kind of
restrictive mentality seems to be fading
from the way that maria is approaching
her lifestyle now she's introduced a
really broad spectrum of whole foods and
plants and the progress seems to be
being achieved quite naturally which is
really nice and this is where
making those changes over a long period
of time you know two years is relatively
but that's where the slower progress is
really important because as you build
those habits the lasting effects the the
continuous progress
up until the point is is a little bit
more guaranteeable because you've not
gone on a crash diet you've not made an
overnight switch to something that
you're not going to be able to keep up
you've introduced new habits you've
changed the way you view food and
ultimately this is where progress gets
made now it's worth mentioning that this
isn't just something that marie's
achieved with diet she's a lot more
active now than she used to be
if you follow her on instagram you'll
see that she's often hiking
she's uh you know she's taking her
exercise a lot more seriously so this is
where it's important to recognize that
it's never just one thing you don't just
change your diet overnight and all of
the results that you expect are just
going to happen in a few weeks time
this like i say it's about the habits
but it's also about
exploring all of the areas in your
lifestyle that are limiting you
achieving your goals now it might sound
stupid but for some people this could be
something as simple as breathing
now breathing can affect your chances of
falling asleep at night if this affects
your sleep
sleep can then affect your metabolism
which can affect how you burn through
your fat or store more now i'm not
trying to argue that breathing is what's
relevant here my point is that lifestyle
is complex and there are so many
different things that are connected
you know this is why calorie counting
and this idea that weight loss is
achieved when you're in a calorie
deficit only
is becoming perhaps over emphasized you
know the energy equation is a major part
of whether we store or or you know lose
fat but inflammation sleep quality
the microbiome that there are too many
different variables at play to just say
it's this one thing so that's why i
wanted to mention that maria did not
just change her diet maria has made a
massive change to her lifestyle she's a
lot more active and her health is much
more important to her i think possibly
for the first time in her life so beyond
plant-based what kind of food is maria
eating day-to-day
like i said go give her a follow have a
little look it is broad vibrant colorful
um every meal is different and that's
what i think is really understated how
important that is to not just be eating
the same food day in day out maria eats
a diverse range of mostly whole foods
now according to michael greger md
a whole foods plant-based diet is the
most successful intervention for losing
weight beyond calorie counting and
exercise ever published in the
peer-reviewed literature so that's
pretty powerful you know we're talking
possibly scientifically speaking one of
the most predictably you know beneficial
pathways to choose so just to take a
look at four of our recent posts i can
see brown rice i can see fresh spring
onions i can see sweet corn avocado
we've got chili
uh what have we got in there looks like
we've got some sprouting vegetables that
looks to me like some kind of veggie
chili con carne with flaked almonds
so so much is in front of me right now
and this is just from four meals and
this is kind of possibly the most
important thing when we talk about
eating fiber-rich foods will make you
feel full and ultimately they don't come
with much fat nor calories if you are
struggling to lose weight if you're
struggling to gain health then take
maria's story as proof that it's
completely possible to do this
i wouldn't recommend aiming to start
this today and be done in two years time
and i don't think maria is either i
would aim to start today and make every
single day from now
working towards your goal changing that
perspective on food and lifestyle
try and make it your habit to work
towards what you want to achieve you
know don't restrict yourself don't don't
cut calories out of your life don't
don't start eating things that you don't
like explore new foods and trust me a
whole foods plant-based diet does not
have to be boring there's so many you
know different flavors out there
with over 250 000 edible plant species
out there you know you could be eating
different foods every day for the rest
of your life if you really wanted to
i think if there's one thing that most
nutritionists in the world will agree on
because trust me it's very little
i would say it's a broad and diverse
spectrum of plant foods now that's
you know fruit vegetables nuts seeds
whole grains a broad diverse plant-rich
diet generally speaking will help you
achieve these goals it's hard to gain
tons and tons of body fat from a diet
that isn't rich in fat so there's
maria's story i mean i personally find
it absolutely amazing she's come a
really long way in what seems to be a
really short space of time i mean this
is proof that the plant-based diet you
know it really can make a difference for
you and not just maria but her husband
does too
if you want to know a little bit more
about how maria achieved this i've put
it all together in one little document
for you and that's available for you to
download for free at go plant based dot
me forward slash maria
speak soon