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Virtual HIIT Classes

20-30-minute virtual HIIT classes, online yoga, bodyweight cardio, and kettlebells

Join from your own home, via Zoom.

First class is free

Weekly Online Classes

Stretch & Restore (Yoga)

Yoga-inspired stretch and restore class combines yoga poses and post-workout stretch routines to create a full-body relaxation session.

Every Tuesday at 19:00 (London)

HIIT Cardio

25-30-minute cardio HIIT class - you just need yourself, a mat, and some water! A bodyweight class targeting the cardio and fat burn zones.

Every Wednesday at 18:00 (London)

HIIT Kettlebells

Bring your own weight for 20-30 minutes of weight training with classes designed for toning and strength building - great for all levels!

Every Thursday at 18:00 (London)

First class is free!

Your first session is cost-free. Sessions are then £5 each or £10 for a week (3 sessions).

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More information

Online HIIT and yoga classes are perfect for beginners - get moving from your own home!

Your first class is free, then sessions are £5 each or £10 per week - which is usually 3 sessions.

Bodyweight cardio:

High-intensity 30-minute workouts designed to push your body into the cardio zone. This virtual class will get your heart beating, your body sweating and your breathing rate increased.

No equipment needed!

HIIT workouts have been rigorously studied and now recommended for their many health benefits. From long-term cardiovascular health, to mental wellbeing.

Modern life is stressful and cardio can help - burn excess energy with 30-minutes of HIIT!

Stretch & Restore Yoga:

Strength and flexibility developing yoga for recovery! Carefully take your muscles through their range of motion. Increase flexibility. Reduce stress and tension.

Tension can take over our body and lead to stress-related conditions. By calming the mind, taking the time to breathe, relax and stretch we can improve our mental and physical wellbeing.

Join me for yoga at home!

Strength Training/Kettlebells (bring a weight)

Bring your own weights! Whether it's tin cans, a kettlebell or dumbells - join me for this weekly full-body tone-up class.

Kettlebells are a great tool for working through our full-body.

This full-body, 30-minute workout will help build strength through weight-bearing exercise for all levels of experience.

Functional training to make your everyday lifestyle easier.

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