The Microbiome, Gut Health & Plant-Based

Plant-based diets can improve microbial gut balance - these articles focus on diet, lifestyle and the microbiome.

A koala bear taking a natural deep sleep on a tree.

Foods that Help You Sleep Better at Night

Exploring foods that help you sleep naturally through the night and tips on how to achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and cope with anxiety, without pills.

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High fibre whole foods next to a graphic of the microbiome and healthy gut bacteria.

Microbiome: Whole Food Against Disease

Microbiome studies have shifted bacteria from disease-causing to vital for immune health when fed high insoluble fibre diets like whole food plant-based.

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Dietary insoluble fibre can boost gut health. Eating these high-fibre foods is recommended by nutritionists. Find the best plant-based high-fibre food sources.

High Fibre Foods List and Recommended Intake

High fibre foods list to boost insoluble fibre intake and microbiome diversity. What is insoluble fibre? How much should we consume and for what benefits/risks?

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Whole Foods Plant-Based: Diet Guide

How to eat plant-based, including more whole foods for a healthier you. Ever wondered how to go vegan or how vegans get protein? Find out how to start a plant based diet.

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