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A man mid-jump-lunge in modern sportswear achieving a great height.

The Game Changers: Vegan Netflix Documentary

The Game Changers is a Vegan Netflix Documentary Focused on Nutrition and Diet for Wellbeing and Sports Performance.

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Vegan fish and chips with tofu.

Plant Based Seafood and Fish Alternatives Inspired by Seaspiracy

5 plant based seafood and sustainable fish alternatives in light of on Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. My best vegan fish alternatives.

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Orange omega 3 fatty acids algal oil supplement for vegans

Woody Harrelson Documentary 'Kiss the Ground': Soil vs Climate Change

Woody Harrelson presents a ray of hope in an unexpected form: dirt! This Netflix documentary outlines the role Earth's soil can play in reversing climate change.

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A metal fork with a white tape measure wrapped around to show the association with dieting and body size.

How to Beat Fat: Channel 4 on dieting for weight loss.

Channel 4 How to Beat Fat, a new documentary that took a modern look at dieting for weight loss, and why it doesn't necessarily always work out.

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