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Samuel Anthony Nutritionist

I lost 5 stone and improved my health, I'll show you how.

How to Improve Sleep: the Natural Lifestyle Approach

Maria lost 6 stone with a plant-based diet here are her before and after pictures

Foods can influence how well you sleep through the night.

Healthy, natural and deep sleep results mostly from our internal 24-hour body-clock, known as the 'circadian rhythm'.

All day long, chemicals in the body - often from the foods we eat - shift the mind and body towards either an alert or drowsy state.

Let's look at the relationship nutrition, herbalism, and sleep quality have, and the food choices we can make that influence sleep.

Is Olive Oil Good for You?

A vegan burger

Is extra virgin olive oil good for your health?

Nutrition and news blogs will tell you both, so what can be understood regarding whether olive oil is actually healthy, and should we be including it - or for that matter any cooking oils - in our diet?

How Bacteria Rule Your Gut: the Microbiome

Supplements on an orange background

Some estimates find the human body to be 10% human and 90% microbes. Others claim a balance of 1:1.

Once seen as the cause of all disease, new evidence suggests our microbes may be the strongest weapon we possess to defend against disease.

The microbiome describes trillions of bacteria and other single-celled organisms living in our body and influencing our mind and gut every second.

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Seafood Alternatives inspired by Seaspiracy

Pink salt

5 easy, sustainable plant based seafood fish alternatives you can make at home in response to Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

The fishing industry from catch to sale is shrouded in concealment.

So let's do something. I have put together some vegan seafood alternatives to help you make a more sustainable switch.

How to lower cholesterol with a plant-based diet

Measuring tape around the waist

Cholesterol is a waxy, whiteish-yellow fatty substance capable of travelling through the bloodstream catalysed by the liver.

Cholesterol is found in all the cells in the body, comes in different forms and is vital to many bodily functions.

Cholesterol has earned a bad reputation due to its association with an increased risk of heart disease through build-up within our arteries.

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