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Samuel Anthony Nutritionist

I lost 5 stone and improved my health, I'll show you how.

How Maria Lost Over 6 Stone on a Plant-Based Diet

Maria lost 6 stone with a plant-based diet here are her before and after pictures

In just two years, Maria made a change to her lifestyle that would in turn make her feel like a "totally different person".

Maria told me herself that she feared that she would die and leave her boys without a mother.

Now? She is sharing her incredible food and journey with the world to celebrate her new-found health.

What is Veganism?

A vegan burger

Sounds a little obvious, but veganism was not always a thing!

While veganism may seem new and trending, it is many hundreds of years-old in its principles.

In Japan, 675 A.D., Emperor Tenmu banned the consumption of chicken, beef, and many other animal-derived products.

Back then, however, it was not labelled "veganism" - the vegan diet did not come to get this title until 1944.

How to supplement on a plant-based diet

Supplements on an orange background

You've just transitioned to plant-based after discovering its advantages, but now you're being advised to supplement.

Most diets count on supplementation.

Nutrition is achievable without supplements, but it can demand significant effort in the following areas.

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Is Himalayan Pink Salt Actually Good for You, or is Salt... Salt?

Pink salt

Familiar staple or concerning additive?

Salt, much like fat, has divided opinion in nutritional science and, as a result, navigating facts has become challenging.

Some nutritionists will recommend salt-free diets, while others recommend liberal consumption.

How to lose weight on a plant-based diet

Measuring tape around the waist

A balanced, whole food plant-based diet is arguably one of the best diets for supporting healthy weight loss.

Without counting calories, temporarily starving yourself, or sacrificing your energy levels you can utilise this low-fat diet to support the sustainable achievement of your goals.

Balance and knowhow are both essential to mastering a WFPB diet for shedding fat.

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