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Articles exploring whole food plant-based nutrition, news, the benefits of veganism, supplementation guides and more! New articles published every single week.

Cholesterol in arteries diagram

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Weight Loss

No need for portion control, skipping meals, or calorie counting, just a balanced WFPB diet.

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Cholesterol in arteries diagram

Revised: Plant-Based Diet vs. Cholesterol

Why we need cholesterol, how plant-based could lower 'bad' cholesterol, and the benefits of vegan foods.

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Supplements in an orange packed with vitamin c

Supplements Vegans Need: 2022 Guide

What supplements do vegans need? From B12 to Vitamin D, Omega-3 to Iron discover micronutrients vital for nutrition.

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A pig in an environmentally damaging agricultural farm.

The Benefits of Veganism

Discover how a plant-based diet benefits the environment, the advantages of a vegan diet for athletes, and the purported health benefits.

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Vegan protein burger

What is Veganism?

What is veganism, when was it invented, what is the history of veganism and what can vegans eat?

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A koala bear taking a natural deep sleep on a tree.

Foods that Help You Sleep Better at Night

Exploring foods that naturally support a full sleep and tips on how to achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and cope with anxiety, without pills.

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A man mid-jump-lunge in modern sportswear achieving a great height.

The Game Changers: Vegan Netflix Documentary

The Game Changers is a Vegan Netflix Documentary Focused on Nutrition and Diet for Wellbeing and Sports Performance.

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Olive oil pouring from a bottle

Olive Oil: Good or Bad?

Is extra virgin olive oil good for your health or bad for you? Nutritionists will tell you both so what can be understood regarding whether olive oil is actually healthy or bad?

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Microbes in the microbiome next to high insoluble fibre food sources

Microbiome: Whole Food Against Disease

Bacteria: disease-causing or vital for immune health? Can high-insoluble-fibre diets like whole food plant-based be beneficial?

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Vegan battered tofu with mushy peas

Plant Based Seafood Alternatives Inspired by Seaspiracy

5 plant-based seafood and sustainable alternatives to fish inspired by Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

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