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Plant Based Holistic Nutritionist

I'm Sam, a holistic nutritionist specialising in whole foods plant based. I believe in living a balanced lifestyle and in the power of a natural diet.

plant based holistic nutritionist
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Plant based meal plans with over 25 nutritious whole food recipes.

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1:1 holistic nutrition and lifestyle consultations with ongoing support.

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Why a Plant Based Holistic Nutritionist?

I am passionate about a natural diet, rich in anti-inflammatory, health and strength-promoting foods.

For many, plant-based diets are the way forward, not only for our physical wellbeing but for the protection of animals and the environment.

I will help you realise and achieve your lifestyle goals, whatever your starting point! I want to help you to live sustainably, following an active and nourishing lifestyle.

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory condition that runs in my family. In short, this disease can make the immune system overactive, attacking healthy cells as well as problematic cells. Many times as a child I was hospitalised with various issues relating to high inflammation.

After switching to a whole foods plant-based diet, both my mum and I are symptom-free, healthy and active - no longer relying on pharmaceutical intervention.

I have therefore decided to bring my experience to as many people as I can.

What is a Plant Based Holistic Nutritionist

I am a qualified nutritionist at Level 3 with a specialism in a whole foods plant based diet.

My approach is holistic as I believe in balance across all aspects of lifestyle and also that these aspects of lifestyle can relate to the wellbeing of both the mind and body.

WFPB Meal Plan with 25+ Vegan Recipes for Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

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You can master plant-based and eat more plants with 25+ delicious recipes included in your plan.

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“Sam has taken me from unfit and unhealthy and transformed me.

I have loved and loathed it in equal measure but I love being fit and healthy and that is thanks to Sam and his confidence in my ability.”


Master mindful eating, include more whole plant food sources to your meals and remove processed foods with a personal holistic nutritionist.

Services Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutritionist

Vegan Meal Plan for high protein vegan meals. Learn how to go vegan.

Get started with whole foods plant-based with a meal plan that suits you and your goals. Learn how to eat mindfully and be clear on sound nutrition, healthier food choices with a personal plan an consultation.

  • 1 Week, to 21 Day Vegan Diet Plan
  • Optional consultation with Feedback
  • Meal Plan Using Foods You Love
  • Follow Up, Feedback and Progression
Transform your diet to whole foods plant based with a personal diet and nutrition plan tailored to your needs and goals. From low calorie for weight control to high protein for muscle gain, strength and repair.

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High-protein vegan meals made easy. Personal nutrition coaching by the Plant Based Nutritionist...

1:1 holistic nutrition and lifestyle consultations with ongoing support.

Make real, lasting improvements to your lifestyle with a consultation and meal plan tailored to your dietary goals and lifestyle - all with 1:1 support.

Be Sure of Your Diet! Get tailored and informed advice with meal plans.

Let's get to work on your best self!

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Get tailored insights and informed advice.

Nutritional analysis of your current diet. I will analyse the foods you eat and provide detailed feedback and analysis with tips for improvements. Locate room for improvement in your eating habits with constructive holistic advice.

From getting enough protein, iron and calcium, to progression towards your personal goals.Be confident you are eating well with nutrition analysis.

  • Diet Analysis
  • Feedback, Advice
  • 1-21 Days Analysis
  • Find Flaws and Fix Them
  • Be confident in your diet

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Learn how to go Vegan / Plant Based

Master health-promoting nutrition, gain muscle in the gym, reduce inflammation, get thorough feedback - anything you need to live your best plant based life! I will work alongside you to create a diet plan tailored to your personal goals. Do you lack energy, often run-down or excessively tired? Chances are looking at your meals and making key improvements will result in feeling more alert and energetic.

Vegan diet plans are available for all activity levels, including for bodybuilding. Even if just starting out with fitness, get in touch and I will help you transform your health and fitness with sound nutritional advice, performance tips and home workout plans if required. After experiencing changes in myself, I can help you make the right decisions for yourself.

Going plant based without guidance can be tough, and meeting daily requirements like protein is easier than you would think - a high-protein meal plan makes sourcing protein easy. Ensure your diet meets your bodies needs and benefit from better nutrition.

Consultations help you stay on track and make improvements to your diet plan over time. Together we will transform your lifestyle. Regular checkups help you monitor your progress and understand changes as time goes on. It may also benefit you to change meal plans regularly to ensure your diet explores a broad range of healthy vegan foods.

Eat foods that you already love! Working alongside you means I will never make a plan that does not suit your preferences. Stick to a vegan diet plan with ease and see genuine changes in mental and physical health through choosing foods you already love.

WFPB Nutritionist & Online Fitness Classes

Plant-based nutrition and meal plans, 1:1 lifestyle consultations and virtual fitness & yoga classes.

        Whole foods plant-based nutritionist for all activity levels. Low-inflammation, health-promoting diet plans.

Personal Nutritionist

Whole foods plant-based nutritionist for all activity levels. Low-inflammation, health-promoting diet plans.

Plant-Based Nutrition

        Yoga, HIIT, dance-aerobics & weights virtual classes hosted online - keep active from your home. Get started with online fitness classes today.

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Flexibility, Tone, & Strength. Free virtual classes hosted online - keep active from your home.

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Why Whole Food Plant based?

Including more whole plant-based foods in the diet has been associated with improved general health and has recently been linked with immune health, supporting sports performance and aiding recovery.

I help people eat a broader range of healthy, heartier foods, rich in fibre and antioxidants. The WFPB diet has been proven to support immunity, reduce multiple cancer risks, assist weight maintenance, reduce heart disease risks, boost healthy gut bacteria (microbiome), and so much more. On top of this, animals lives are spared and diet emissions can be significantly reduced.

That's why I'm sharing plant-based news, articles and recipes - I hope this becomes a useful resource for anyone wishing to make improvements to their lifestyle - whatever they be.


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