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Heart Health

Infographic: Cardiovascular Health

The structure, function and impact of exercise on various components of the heart and the pressure of the blood.


Can Plant Based Lower Cholesterol?

What is cholesterol, why worry and what can we do? Are fibre-rich plant-based diets our best solution?


Plant Based Iron Sources (8 natural Iron rich foods)

Iron rich plant based food sources - vitamin c, tea and iron absorption and recommended daily intake.


Plant Based Seafood and Fish Alternatives Inspired by Seaspiracy

5 easy, sustainable plant based seafood fish alternatives you can make at home in response to Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.


Is Vegan Healthy? Beyond meat and Impossible Burger

Modern plant based foods, including vegan meat like Beyond Meat, are on the rise but are they good for our health? Is vegan healthy?


Vegan Diet Benefits Health, Athletes & Environment

A balanced vegan diet can benefit your health, have benefits for the environment, and save the lives of millions of animals. Here's how.


Kiss the Ground: can Soil reverse Climate Change Netflix Documentary

Woody Harrelson presents a ray of hope in an unexpected form: dirt! This Netflix documentary outlines the immense role Earth's soil can play in reversing climate change within 30 years.


High-Fibre Foods List - Benefits and Recommended Intake

High fibre foods list - boost your insoluble fibre intake. Just what is insoluble fibre and how much should we be getting? High fibre health benefits and the recommended intake of fibre.


Vegan Supplements: The Definitive Guide

A free guide to supplementing Vitamin B12, protein, Vitamin D, Sustainable Omega-3, and Iron.

Featured Recipe

vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry with spinach Recipes

Peanut Butter Chickpea & Sweet Potato Curry

Delicious easy vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry recipe with peanut butter, coconut, tomato and spinach. Fresh and plant based.

All recipes

Plant-Based Recipes


Wholesome Vegan Jambalaya

Easy, delicious vegan jambalaya recipe to try at home, cook in the slow cooker or makes a great vegan one pot!


Hearty Lentil Dhal

This delicious, traditional curry recipe is packed with protein and tastes incredible - with relatively easy preparation and cooking. Serve with brown rice.


Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Hummus Salad

This quick and easy lunchtime meal is packed with slow-release carbohydrates. Great for reducing inflammation and boosting microbiome health.

Learn something new


Whole-Foods Plant-Based: A Diet Guide

What to eat on a vegan whole foods diet, replicate a natural diet without protein fears. Get to know this beneficial diet and how you can do it!


Environmental Benefits of Plant-Based

Consuming meat is consuming our planet. Whether fully plant-based, or simply including more meat-free meals, we can help save our precious home and the lives of millions of animals.


How to Beat Fat: Channel 4's take on diet for weight loss.

Channel 4 documentary How to Beat Fat looked into the facts surrounding dieting for weight loss. Can Plant-Based help? Here are my insights...

“Sam has taken me from unfit and unhealthy and transformed me.

I have loved and loathed it in equal measure but I love being fit and healthy and that is thanks to Sam and his confidence in my ability.”


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What clients say...

Sam has taken me from unfit and unhealthy and transformed me. I have loved and loathed it in equal measure but I love being fit and healthy and that is thanks to Sam and his confidence in my ability. He puts up with my heckling and swearing too so bonus points for that!!


Fitness and PT Client

I love our sessions even if I can’t be bothered to start. The benefits have been unbelievable. I have gone from being on 30mg down to 10mg of citliapram which is an anti anxiety. I have not lost weight but I’m fitter and mentally healthier. Thank you.


Fitness and PT Client