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Whole Food Plant-Based WFPB Nutritionist & Fitness Instructor

Lifestyle blog Go Plant-Based takes an evidence-based approach to whole food plant-based and its benefits for us, the planet and the rights of animals. I'm Sam, a fitness instructor and vegan nutritionist.

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Whole food dinner with plant foods including a bread based avocado snack, a tomato bread and banana bread to showcase the WFPB nutritionist.
Graphic of a meal plan with a vegan Mediterranean dish displayed on a booklet with the text WFPB meal plan on front.


Whole Food Plant-Based

Discover whole food plant-based, increase your fibre intake, make gut microbial improvements, feel balanced and eat more plants!


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A koala bear taking a natural deep sleep on a tree.

Health & Fitness

Foods that Help You Sleep Better at Night

Exploring foods that help you sleep naturally through the night and tips on how to achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and cope with anxiety, without pills.

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A man mid-jump-lunge in modern sportswear achieving a great height.


The Game Changers: Vegan Netflix Documentary

The Game Changers is a Vegan Netflix Documentary Focused on Nutrition and Diet for Wellbeing and Sports Performance.

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High fibre whole foods next to a graphic of the microbiome and healthy gut bacteria.


Microbiome: Whole Food Against Disease

Microbiome studies have shifted bacteria from disease-causing to vital for immune health when fed high insoluble fibre diets like whole food plant-based.

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Collection of recipe guides showcasing plant-based recipes, guides and meal plans on offer on Go Plant-Based.

Nutrition Guides & Meal Plans

Plant-based recipes and diet plans for lasting change.

Make evidence-based improvements to your lifestyle with a personal meal plan tailored to your dietary goals with guides and plans on healthy lifestyle, supplementation and goal-specific advice.

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Cacao and peanut butter oats in a bowl topped with flaxseeds and banana.


Peanut Butter Banana and Cocoa Overnight Oats

Indulgent cacao steel cut overnight oats oozing with peanut butter topped with banana and flaxseeds. Protein, fibre and iron-rich vegan breakfast.

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Saucepan with golden vegan baked beans.


Healthy Vegan Homemade Baked Beans Recipe

Vegan sugar free healthy baked beans recipe with chickpeas - here is how to prepare your own whole food homemade baked beans from scratch.

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Scrambled Tofu - Vegan Scrambled Egg Recipe

Tofu scramble recipe with turmeric, black pepper and kala namak (black salt). Whole food plant based tofu breakfast recipe.

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Guides & Recipe Collections

Premium recipes, diet guides and nutrition plans - all powered by plants.

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Personal training with my family demonstrating a kettlebell and medicine ball workout typical to my fitness classes.

WFPB Nutritionist UK

I'm Sam, a whole food plant-based nutritionist exploring the power of a natural diet.

I believe plant-based diets are the way forward for our physical wellbeing, for the protection of animals and the environment.

I can help you achieve your goals, whatever your starting point! I want to help you to live a more sustainable, active and healthy lifestyle.

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory condition that runs in my family. In short, this disease can make the immune system overactive, attacking healthy cells as well as problematic cells. Many times as a child I was hospitalised with various issues relating to high inflammation.

After switching to a whole foods plant-based diet, both my mum and I are symptom-free, healthy and active - no longer relying on pharmaceutical intervention.

I have therefore decided to bring my experience to as many people as I can and hope this space becomes a valued source of knowledge for anyone interested in the WFPB lifestyle.

The words Get Healthy With Plants is the hashtag used on social media for Go Plant-Based #gethealthywithplants

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